Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“


Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ from Belgrade was founded in 2014 with the blessing of venerable Mother Veronica, the abbess of medieval monastery Gornjak (the endowment of St. Prince Lazar) with the idea to research Orthodox spiritual music. „Alliluia“ fosters and promotes primarily domestic but also foreign authors, and thus the repertoire include compositions from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first century, primarily Serbian and then Russian, Bulgarian and Greek, as well as many other authors.

The Choir usually performs as a mixed composition, while the Ensemble makes the female trio.

It should be noted that choir and ensemble consists of singers who above all have a special affinity for this kind of music as well as understanding for the context of Orthodox sacred music, with many years of experience in the field of concert and liturgical musical practice.

Venerable Mother Veronica and Milica Radivojevic

Although young, Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ has achieved a rich repertoire and significant results in a relatively short time.

Among the most significant performances are music festivals in Belgrade: “Easter Concert in the Temple St. Sava “(2014.2015), “Festival of Pentacost”at the Ruzica church and chapel of St. Petka in Kalemegdan (2014.2015), “Festival of Christ’s Ascension” in the Temple of Christ’s Ascension (2015), and “Autumn in Tchukarica” (2015).

In addition to the aforementioned Belgrade music festivals, the Choir has performed at the opening of the Bolshoi festival in Drvengrad on Mokra Gora (2015), and at regional music festivals in the Republic of Serbian in the „Banja Luka Choir Festival“ (2015), followed by Croatia at the ceremony „Three centuries of spirituality Serbs in Dalj“ (2015).

The Choir has performed in Belgrade temples and churches: St. Archangel Gabriel (2015), the St. Mark (2014.2015), St. Archangel Michael (2015), also in churches and monasteries in Croatia; St. Nicholas in Karlovac (2015), the Monastery of the Holy Virgin with Three Hands in the Donji Budacki (2015) and in Gomirje monastery.

The Choir was introduced to the local audience while performing with the band “Stupovi” (Belgrade, 2015) in the framework of the action „Let’s rebuilt Stupovi“.

Also, the Choir had the honor to present itself to the Croatian audience at the Trsat Fort in Rijeka (2015), which only confirms how in a short time of its existence managed to be noticed in the region.

We can not help but mention that the Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ is already crowned with significant musical awards.

The Ensemble won the award “Vojislav Ilic” for authentic performance of spiritual music during its participation in the twenty-first festival “Choirs among Frescoes” in Belgrade (2015). At the same time, choir „Alliluia“ received a special commendation in the category of large choirs at the same festival, as well as the Charter for the participation of the Banja Luka Choir Festival (2015).

The Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ has also received a thanksgiving from His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej for dedicated work in preservation of Serbian church singing and large opus of our greatest composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac (2014).