Alliluia name

“Alliluia” “Alliluia“ is a word of Hebrew origin ( Heb.  hallalu-yah ) , meaning “Praise the Lord”,  which is the basic idea of this choir and ensemble. „Alliluia“ is actually the inevitable choras in Orthodox liturgical chant. Its meaning explains  the


About us

Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ Choir and Ensemble „Alliluia“ from Belgrade was founded in 2014 with the blessing of venerable Mother Veronica, the abbess of medieval monastery Gornjak (the endowment of St. Prince Lazar) with the idea to research Orthodox spiritual



Milica Radivojević The founder and conductor of the choir and ensemble „Alliluia“ Milica Radivojevic received a specialist (2015) and master degree (2013) academic studies at the Conducting Department in the class of Professor Bojan Sudjic at the Faculty of Music

„ Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good - Alliluia, for his steadfast love endures forever – Alliluia. “

(Psalm 136)

„I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.“

(Psalm 69:30)

Make your own music, sing your own song.


… For a long time I remained a child, and for a long time I used to lean on the crutch that they gave me. But once eternity flooded through me and I felt like a stranger in the world, heaven and earth snapped in two in my hands like a frail reed. … Now I only gaze at You and cling to Your gaze in return, O my cradle and my resurrection.

Prayers ba the Lake , by St. Nikolai of Ochrid and Zica

Would that I could make musicians out of stone, and dan¬cers out of the sand of the lake, and minstrels out of the leaves of all the trees in the mountains, so that they might help me glorify the Lord-and so that the voice of the earth might be heard amidst the choirs of angels! … O my love, would that I could motivate all the inhabitants of the earth, water, and air to hum a hymn to You!

Prayers ba the Lake , by St. Nikolai of Ochrid and Zica